Albion FD Says: You Have to Want It!

you-have-to-want-it-jd-patch-87x212“You Have to Want It!” is the message that Albion Volunteer Firefighters and EMTs are sending to their community in a new effort to challenge more citizens to become part of their local volunteer emergency response team.

Thanks to a four-year $134,500 grant from the US Department of Homeland Security specifically for the recruitment and retention of volunteer firefighters, the all-volunteer fire department will have the funding to develop recruitment efforts and marketing materials with the help of Tiger Schmittendorf, who also helped them write and secure the grant.

“The reality is that firefighting isn’t for everyone, but volunteering can be. We offer flexible memberships for non-emergency personnel to join our Support Team,” says Rocky Sidari, the fire department’s deputy chief.

“Volunteering can be challenging, exciting and rewarding without being dangerous. From accounting to auto mechanics and everything in between – if you have a skill, experience or just a passion to contribute to our fire department and your community – please contact us today!” added Sidari, co-author of the successful grant application.

The fire department officially kicked off their public efforts to recruit new members with magnets, brochures and a 7 ft. high banner at the Strawberry Festival in the Village of Albion on June 19-20, 2009.

In addition to promoting a recruitment marketing campaign, the grant will allow the fire department to offer response incentives, annual physicals, supplemental accidental injury insurance and tuition reimbursements to their existing members as well as new recruits who now join the fire department.

“We have a lot of great people here at Albion Fire-Rescue and we’re always looking for more just like them. Volunteer fire and emergency services present a wide range of exciting opportunities to get involved in the community. We offer a fast paced environment with unmatched rewards in terms of new experiences and personal satisfaction. It is the best job in the world and we do it for free,” said Chief Eric Bradshaw.

The fire department is supported by an active firefighter explorer post for young adults age 14-21. Exploring offers a positive environment for the youth of our community to learn and have fun while focusing on public service.

Anyone interested in learning more about volunteering with the Albion Fire Department should call the recruitment hotline at: (585) 589-9176 Ext. 123 or visit the fire company web site at:

For more information about the campaign or this press release, contact Tiger Schmittendorf at 716-549-0022 or


  • champ says:

    Nice Job,Tige. How many grants have you assisted in securing now? You would think that someone would see the writing on the wall…..oh well…ignorance is a tough trait to break.

  • champ says:

    Nice Job,Tige. How many grants have you assisted in securing now? You would think that someone would see the writing on the wall…..oh well…ignorance is a tough trait to break.

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